Praying Mantis!

That’s it.


I’ve never actually seen one up close in the… well, ‘wild’ isn’t the right word: that’s my front stairs.  But, still: praying mantis!

Moe Lane

PS: Look, sometimes I don’t really have an exciting day, OK?

12 thoughts on “Praying Mantis!”

  1. When we met originally, my ex-wife (who grew up in North Shore Chicago) had only ever seen a praying mantis once, when she was in college; and that was just a few seconds before a crazy guy (speaking literally here, there was a mental institution in her college town) came up and yelled “BUG!” and stomped on it. Years later we were checking out the new clock tower at Purdue, which was built up on 4 brick posts so you could walk underneath it, and the lighting on the underside of it had attracted a whole bunch of insects– including *two* praying mantises.

  2. Pshaw, who do you think you’re kidding “don’t really have an exciting day” stuff? We know you’re the James Bond of political blogging….
    Lane… Moe Lane, licensed to shill 😉

  3. I stepped on one bigger than that yesterday when I was talking on the phone to a professor. It was brown, about 6 inches.

      1. I was talking on the phone and I didn’t notice. Trust me I hate bugs and would have never gone near him had I seen him there.

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