Gah. Haven’t worked for the Scotsman in twenty years…

…and yet the urge to jump over the counter and fix this horribly bad register line nearly overpowered me. I can visibly see the three things wrong with the way that the manager is running the store, starting with the fact that s/he’s hiding in the back.

Of course, the fourth problem – the Mickey Dees is understaffed – is beyond my powers. And it’s only going to get worse next year, thanks to Obamacare. Seventh and last, franchises simply don’t have the profit margin that Democratic activists (who largely avoid working retail) think that they do. ┬áDon’t say we didn’t warn people…

Moe Lane

2 thoughts on “Gah. Haven’t worked for the Scotsman in twenty years…”

    1. Primary problem was the missing manager, who wasn’t backing up the (solo) newbie cashier who kept getting orders wrong. Also, in the manager’s absence the three-person counter crew was wandering all over the place and not maintaining their stations. I have no idea how the food prep stations were running, and I don’t know what to look for anyway: when I was a spatula serf clamshell grills were the height of newtech. I’d be lost back there these days.

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