Hmm. Only 13 Congressmen retiring so far this cycle.

5 Democrats, 8 Republicans, according to Wikipedia (and virtually all of them are running for something else). In contrast, 40 Congressmen retired during 2012’s election cycle, 37 during 2010’s, 33 during 2008’s, and 28 during 2006’s*. So either we’ve got a bunch of retirements coming up – always a possibility, although primary deadlines aren’t that far away – or maybe we’re finally running out of low-hanging Congressional fruit.

I don’t have an answer on this, actually; it just seemed of interest.

Moe Lane.

*Mostly more Republicans than Democrats in the last four cycles (more Democrats than Republicans in 2012).

One thought on “Hmm. Only 13 Congressmen retiring so far this cycle.”

  1. Only two of them are actually retiring ( Bachmann and Campbell) the rest are running for Senate, at least two of which and possibly three will lose those races ( three are running in Georgia, Cotton in Arkansas, Capito in WV)
    Frank Wolf might finally retire, but I think he’s waiting on the results of the VA Gov election. If he does retire, and if Cuccinelli loses, Ken could always run to succeed him.
    Former Dem congressman turned GOP Artur Davis is also thinking about running if Wolf retires.

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