Quote of the Day, It Really Got Out Of Hand, Fast edition.

Politicker, responding to Republican NYC candidate Joe Lhota responding and riffing off the news that Democratic NYC candidate Bill de Blasio was a proud apologist and advocate for those filthy murderous Commie scumbags known as the Sandinistas*:

Well, that escalated quickly.

It jumped up a notch.

Moe Lane



*No, I’m not unbiased when it comes to Commies.  There are good people, and there are bad people.  Marxists are bad.


  • midwestconservative says:

    Where is your customary “P.S. Joe Lhota for Mayor”?

  • Freddie Sykes says:

    I do believe that the largest caucus in the House is the progressive one based on socialism. It even has Sanders, the one openly socialist senator as a member emeritus. We should take them at their word: the are for the state over the individual.

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