The Democrats’ #obamacare Hell, in one paragraph.

This is why I am not entirely* sweating the current tactical debate going on in the Republican party over this:

“Oh, I’ve heard of Obamacare, yes, but I didn’t know all that was involved,” said Cindy Bishop, a part-time worker from Lexington, Ky., who stopped by an Obamacare information booth at the state fair last month. “Everybody that I have ever talked to is totally against it. They’re afraid all the doctors are going to pull out, and you’re going to have to be like Canada and have to be on a waiting list.”

…because Cindy is going to discover that the above is her best case scenario. There’s a good chance that she’s going to end up deciding that her best bet would be to eat the fine and not get covered at all. Frustrating? Sure. Be sure to take that frustration out on all those downticket races in the midterms next year, Cindy. Easy to tell which politicians deserve all that ire, too: it’ll be the folks with a “D” after their names.

(Via Hot Air Headlines)

Moe Lane

*There is always the chance that somebody will say something to somebody else that will rankle and cause hurt feelings later. I heartily recommend that people keep that in mind, and remember the Golden Rule. Yeah, I know: being a good person can be hard. …And?

3 thoughts on “The Democrats’ #obamacare Hell, in one paragraph.”

  1. Heh. Funny thing about a universal government program .. eventually, they tend to have an impact on the low-information voters.

  2. I got a mailing from my companies HR department advising me that I can decline their coverage and participate in the health insurance “marketplace”. I guess that’s the exchanges.

    I resent the term “marketplace” being used here. It seem like they are adopting free market words for a government program.

    If the government is creating the marketplace—Is it a marketplace? Maybe I’m overthinking it, but they’ve come for my money, my health coverage, my freedom of speech, my privacy. I’d like to keep my language.

  3. Strange that we’d be surprised that “being a good person can be hard”, when the only actual good Person Who ever lived TOLD us it is, in no uncertain terms.
    We gotta lotta noive, we humans.

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