Why I don’t do own-goals.

While I am course happy to talk to any Republican candidate, and I am more than happy to be handed a big stack of deniable, legitimate* oppo on any Democrat, I have come to the conclusion that participating in anonymous oppo against my fellow-Republicans and conservatives is… unwise.  You get controversies.  Agitation.  People become… uncivil.

Best to avoid that.

Moe Lane

PS: As to why Chris Wallace won’t reveal who gave him the oppo about Cruz (even if he should): that’s because this way everybody will assume that the oppo was sent over by The Most Powerful Republican That I Personally Despise.  If it comes out that it was somebody on, say, the staff of a Beltway Bandit political group (which is where I suspect the oppo originated), people would stop getting ticked off at their favorite Hate Object.  Remember: Chris Wallace is not our friend.

*I am a partisan hack; I just won’t lie.  Which means that I don’t follow LBJ’s famous dictum to the letter; but if it’s at least plausible then sure, make the guy deny that he’s a pigf*cker.

6 thoughts on “Why I don’t do own-goals.”

  1. My assumption is it came from Karl Rove’s group. I don’t think it came from McConnell, because if it had, Wallace would have released (or leaked) that in a heartbeat, as close a race as it looks like McConnell is going to have this time around.

      1. Some Republicans – especially the scumbag wing in D.C. – seem to be ‘against Republicans’ …
        I think Moe was making the point that, as a media person, Wallace is unlikely to be a conservative, even if he’s a reasonable guy most of the time.

      2. He’s in the media, so I assumed that like most of them, he hates us and would like us to die in a fire.

      3. Chris Wallace is the son of Mike Wallace, who was a life-long Democrat…Wallace is cut from the same cloth and can hardly hold back his sneering when he goes after conservatives/Republicans.

  2. Your rule sounds like a version of Ronald Reagan’s Eleventh Commandment, which is generally a worthy commandment to follow.

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