STRIPPERS! Nekked pictures of one! Who DMs! With Cory Booker! (Link NSFW)

See, Buzzfeed, that’s how you subtly get the point across while still warning your readers about the pictures of perky, naked breasts that can be found at this link.


What?  I didn’t put them up myself, did I?

Now, that’s pretty much it on this story – I mean, Cory Booker’s not married, and God knows that he’s doing better than Robert Menendez when it comes to revelations of his relations with the adult entertainment industry – but two things.

  1. A VEGAN strip club?  Portland is a strange, and not quite wholesome, place.
  2. This:

Moe Lane

5 thoughts on “STRIPPERS! Nekked pictures of one! Who DMs! With Cory Booker! (Link NSFW)”

  1. I guess I’m outing myself as “someone who doesn’t really think in #Twitterese”, but my first thought was, “Cory Booker found a stripper who is a gamer as well? Some of us managed that trick back in the 1990’s, dude.”

    Never heard of a vegan strip club, but I have seen that several of them are now actually putting some effort into their food options. Just as long as it’s not a *Vogon* strip club…

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