Obamacare Obamacare Obamaca oh, wait: I’ve already done this joke.  Guess nobody told Barack Obama:

Ultimately, the president guaranteed, once the law goes into full effect, “They will not call it Obamacare.”

Three and a half years they’ve been squirming under this name.  And they know darn well that the Left hasn’t had any more success on getting the name changed as they have had with any other part of the messaging of Obamacare.

:sing-song:  Five da-ayss

Moe Lane



11 thoughts on “#Obamacare!”

  1. It’s been an interesting day, that’s for certain. News outlets here in NC have been relatively silent about the upcoming “big event”. Yesterday evening, we began to see the most profilic Suidae make-up artistry I’ve seen in a good while.

        1. I did as well 🙂 Always happy to add to the ol’ vocabulary! Although I did not find satisfactory information on the origin of the word…. :/

          1. Latin is a dead, dead, language,
            as dead as it can be,
            it killed off all the Romans,
            and now it is killing me.
            I looked it up also, but before I did so, I remembered Sus, and guessed that it was related.

  2. “They will not call it Obamacare.”
    No, they’ll call it “Obama’s Clusterfrak” … or something like that.
    Suidae? I’ve known that word since I was a kid, from reading Alan E. Nourse’s short story “Family Resemblance.” (Recommended!)

    1. I’ve been calling it ObamaTax since John Roberts committed his treason against the U.S. and I occasionally (angrily) correct people when they say “ObamaCare”. ObamaTax is much more apt, anyways: calling it the liberal-coined term (that backfired) implies Obama cares about the hu-mans. ObamaTax states that it is a tax (which, in my case, it will be, at least until I can find an employer that would be willing to give me health insurance or a paycheck above the poverty line).

      1. Thought experiment, Liber.
        Roberts sided with Alito and Scalia and curb-stomped Obamacare.
        What would the reaction from Obama (who’s quite happy to use the Suharto playbook) and the Senate Dems, and the idiots who voted for Obama have been?
        I agree that this sucks, but the blame for it goes to McCain for organizing a beauty pageant, not a hardball campaign.

      2. And as to Roberts… we get itchy-titchy when the Supreme Court throws out laws entirely and just makes up stuff on the spot, like they did in Roe v. Wade. Roberts slammed the door on further Commerce Clause expansion and utterly f*cked any chance Obama had of jacking up the individual mandate, which he would have most assuredly done by now if it wasn’t a tax. I hesitate to call this ‘treason.’ 🙂

        1. Me either, Moe. Besides what you’ve mentioned, I’m grateful to the man for the leadership he provided against Medicaid expansion. There is no way to explain in simple terms how truly screwed up things would be now if he had done otherwise.

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