Kaiser: dear GOD but @barackobama is horrible about #obamacare messaging.

I’m paraphrasing the report. Fortunately, HuffPo slammed three shots of cheap vodka and then gave its readers the bad news:

Just 15 percent of those polled, and only 12 percent of the working-age uninsured, knew the exchanges were launching in October for the start of a six-month sign-up period. Sixty-five percent of respondents were aware that Obamacare created the exchanges, however.

The survey found that more than three years after the law’s enactment, 51 percent of Americans felt as though they didn’t understand it well enough to determine how it will affect them and their families. More than two-thirds of the uninsured — those who stand to gain the most — said the same. More than half of respondents said the news media focuses mainly on the politics of health care reform, rather than on how it affects people. A majority also said there was no news source they could trust to provide information about the law.

Asked what questions they would most like answered, Americans most commonly wanted to know how much health insurance would cost under Obamacare, how the spending is financed, and where they can find a simple summary of the law.

(HuffPo agitprop links removed for reasons of malice aforethought) The real eye-opener in that survey – which HuffPo somehow, ah, ‘forgot’ to mention in easily-searchable form – is that 74% of the uninsured don’t know when the exchanges start up. Only 12% of them know the correct, or at least ‘ostensible*,’ date.  This implies the following:

  • That the same administration that has had three and half years to unsuccessfully message the public on critical details of Obamacare now has one and a half days to reach three quarters of the uninsured population.
  • That the aforementioned uninsured population is apparently not as frantic about their lack of insurance as one might expect from various Democratic hysterics.
  • And that Tuesday may end up being one heck of a day for people who enjoy watching pundits and politicians lose their cool on camera.

…I had originally picked a different word than ‘cool,’ by the way.  One that was also four letters long.

Via Hot Air Headlines.

Moe Lane

*If I was uninsured and I had taken this survey I would have answered “Other,” myself: I mean, I know when the exchanges are supposed to go live.  I just don’t really believe that they’re going to make that deadline in any but the most superficial and pedantic of fashions.

15 thoughts on “Kaiser: dear GOD but @barackobama is horrible about #obamacare messaging.”

  1. The real purpose of the law is not to improve medical care but to give good government jobs to more democrats.

    1. I kinda thought the real purpose was to loot the health insurance industry…. though I suppose it isn’t an either/or proposition.

      1. Not so much “loot” as “destroy”, qix.
        I work for a major insurer (not on the health side, thank Yog), and they’re putting on the public face that Obamacare will be all Happy Fun Sunshine Land. But I also feel sure (based on some of the things a visiting VP told us a few years ago) that privately, they’re not so sanguine.

        1. Well, I’m pretty sure the process of completely looting the industry will destroy it… but you could be right, maybe they are just destroying for the sake of destruction. It’s not as though we’re talking about rational people.

  2. Hmmm, the news media consistently fails to note that covering preexisting conditions is necessarily a violation of the principles of actuarial science; something that better fits other financial instruments. People are surprised that they are not considered a reliable and trustworthy source of information on insurance?

  3. RE: where they can find a simple summary of the law.

    Just go to various government sites and read the 20k+ pages of the law and the regulations implementing it. What, we got to do everything for you?

  4. I read that earlier. Literally busted my sides laughing at HuffPo trying to rose-color the bad news. 3 years and knowledge of the law has stayed essentially flat-lined. Yet the admin has spent how much on supposedly getting the system operational? They should have gone with the VW rather than the Bentley.
    On to other Obamacare news, President Obama is drawing red lines again.

  5. Hey, Moe, this is a completely random comment, but you know the ad box at the top of the web page? Every once in a while, it has the picture of Hilary Clinton with the words “I want Hilary NOW” or something along those lines. Anyway, do you remember what Jack Nicholson looked like in the role of Joker in the Batman movie? That’s exactly who Hilary looks like in this picture.

  6. If this is as bad as many on the right proclaim, then it should be like an anchor tied around the necks of Democrat politicians. Let go of the rope, Republicans! After everyone begins to feel the pain, make the next several election cycles a referendum on ObamaCare.

      1. Hey, they finally repealed the excise tax that was passed to fund the Spanish-American war … only took what, 100 years?

  7. Not sure a war qualifies as a government program….? Wars eventually end. Except, of course, for the war on drugs…and the war on poverty…and the war on crime. Let’s not forget the war on terror. Maybe it’s that government programs qualify as wars? I feel certain that I’m classified as an ‘enemy of the state’.

      1. Umm.. the *tax* was what I meant ended… and quite a while after the war.
        The history of it is .. well, if you’re a history nerd, it’s interesting. Otherwise, it’s a cautionary thing.

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