Meanwhile, back at the ranch… Illinois, Florida lack trained #obamacare guides.

But surely this won’t be a problem:

Illinois’s health-insurance marketplace said that it had only certified 100 of the planned 1,200 navigators by this past Saturday, but hoped to have “hundreds more” ready by Tuesday. Most Illinois navigators have completed their state training and background checks, but the online system that they use to complete the required federal training only recently became available, a situation which is, according to spokeswoman Kelly Sullivan, “not unique to Illinois.”

In Florida, as of last Wednesday, only 11 of roughly 150 navigators had received their state-level licenses to assist people in signing up for that state’s exchange, and only 57 had even applied for it. According to coordinators for the program, at the University of South Florida and the Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County, the delay is due to the federal online training system’s being crash-prone.

…Computer problems, you say? – Or, rather, the federal government failed to say.  Until now.

Moe Lane

PS: Look… if you have the opportunity to renew your policy early, you might want to do that unless your current one is really bad.

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