Cover Oregon announces signup delay for #Obamacare exchange. *Despite* hipster songs.

But… but… but… this is impossible!

Oregonians will have to wait to enroll for health insurance through President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul.

I mean, Cover Oregon had a song!

Officials said late Monday that Cover Oregon, the state’s insurance marketplace that was supposed to go live on Tuesday, is still experiencing glitches. The online system is not correctly determining eligibility for tax credits, the Oregon Health Plan and Healthy Kids.

But Cover Oregon had TWO songs!

Speaking of songs… this one came to me in the shower. This morning.

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6 thoughts on “Cover Oregon announces signup delay for #Obamacare exchange. *Despite* hipster songs.”

  1. I heard you sneak in the most grevious English insult of meaning well in there.


  2. I’ve tried not to look at the Cover Oregon signs and bus boards, but I happened to notice that one of the happy happy cartoon characters on one was a dancing pair of lungs.
    Lungs. With little spindly arms and legs. Holding an umbrella. And no head. They just ended at the trachea.

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