“The Warrior.”

The Warrior, Scandal featuring Patty Smyth

Sorry, but there is a surprising lack of post-apocalyptic mainstream music videos out there. I know: weird, right?


  • JustDave says:

    Oh, hey. If tonight’s topic is 80’s songs with goofy lyrics, I’ve got one too: Motels, Take the L

  • BigGator5 says:

    REM, It’s The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine); Billy Joel, We Didn’t Start The Fire; Genesis, Land Of Confusion; Soundgarden, Black Hole Sun; Linkin Park, The Catalyst; Blue Öyster Cult, (Don’t Fear) The Reaper; The Misfits, Don’t Open ‘Til Doomsday; The Smashing Pumpkins, The End Is The Beginning Is The End; Europe, The Final Countdown; Pink Floyd, Goodbye Blue Sky; Stevie Wonder (Or Red Hot Chili Peppers), Higher Ground; Johnny Cash, The Man Comes Around; And I have more, if you need them.

    • BigGator5 says:

      Iron Maiden, 2 Minutes To Midnight; David Bowie, As The World Falls Down; Tool, Ænema; Bob Dylan (Or Jimi Hendrix), All Along the Watchtower; Disturbed, Another Way To Die; Flobots, Handlebars; Metallica, Hero Of The Day; And pretty much anything by Slipknot/Stone Sour, Fear Factory, Slayer and Muse.
      Do you need more?

  • Greg says:

    Muse, The Resistance – seems appropriate here….

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