Annnd that is the sound of the California #Obamacare exchange going down in flames.

Via RNC Research comes this oopsie:

That’s a clip on KNTV. Basically, it reports that the California Obamacare exchanges will be taken offline this evening so that Covered California can fix the problem that’s keeping people from… enrolling in the California Obamacare exchanges. Mind you, they’re claiming that the site will be ready again on October 3rd… then again, they also claimed that it’d be ready on October 1st. Several different times, in fact.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: I know that there are some people out there who are outrageously outraged that other people are being so vulgar as to actually hold this administration accountable for the grandiose promises that it’s made.  To which I reply: don’t let your ego write checks that your body can’t cash.

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  1. I have to be honest – speaking as an IT geek that while this is amusing and all eventually all of the IT kinks will be worked out and the technical processes will work. It’s an iterative process but eventually they will get there.

    I am MUCH more concerned about the security aspects. That is a tremendous amount of personal information being stored and transmitted. I sure hope that someone is being incredibly paranoid about that and utilizing all of the proper best practices, external testing, etc. If I were a hacker I would look at this as a “target rich environment”. My prediction is that sooner or later one of these will have a very interesting, and very public, security failure.

    I’m also very glad I’m not working on that project.

    1. Private sector big IT initiatives fail all the time .. they just usually do so *quietly*. This one .. failure was not an option.
      Because failure was never an option, all corners *not* leading to a launch can be assumed to have been cut .. and I’d bet money many of the problems with security were bypassed by “we’ll fix it later”.
      Yeah. It’s gonna be a security *nightmare*!

  2. I just spent the last 3 days trying to get my son off the rolls. (We had to have state assistance until my husband’s insurance kicked in.) The school let us know he needed immunizations and I would rather take him to our family doctor, who the state would not allow us to see. (You can keep your doctor, my hind quarters!) The short version is none of the hundred people we talked to knew how to remove him from the list and every blasted one of them tried to talk us out of removing him. “But, his dad’s insurance is better and allows us more freedom in our choices.” “But, government!” (ad nauseum)
    So today we broke down and took him to the clinic that he’s been assigned to (!) and waited three hours (I kid not) to be seen by not the doctor (we saw a nurse practitioner). They weren’t even busy. They had like four patients including us. This was just for routine shots! The wait wouldn’t have been that bad (I’m a very patient person) except every last piece of furniture in the place is pleather and my son has a sensitivity to the oils used and thus couldn’t sit down without breaking out in hives, which of course, they couldn’t treat because that’s not what we were there for… Thank goodness I keep Benedryl in the car for times such as this.
    I swear I would never commit murder or acts of terrorism, but the personnel we tried talking to to get him off the assistance were very close to getting slapped. I’m glad I didn’t have to have my blood pressure checked today. It was not a good day…
    The ineptitude is off the charts with this and they’ve had years to get their crap in order! I shudder to think of how it’s going to end up.

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