@BarackObama’s mind finally snaps like an over-stretched rubber band.

Does no-one love this man enough to stage an intervention?

No-one at all?

8 thoughts on “@BarackObama’s mind finally snaps like an over-stretched rubber band.”

  1. What’s scary about it, Moe, is that I think he actually believes what he’s saying.

      1. He either believes it, which means that he is delusional. Or he doesn’t believe it, but says it anyway, which means he is a liar, which breaks down further to mean that he plays the public for dupes or he is pathological. Finally, as BG5 pointed out, many, many people believe what he says.

      2. Seriously, over at another website some dude alluded to Obamacare being bipartisan because Obama and others took out the Public Option to get blue dog support. And then went on to state that “blue dogs are just Republicans in Democrat clothing” so it counted as “bipartisan”

  2. Coming from the person who’s idea of negotiation is to insult you and demand you “compromise” by giving him everything he wants you get nothing, and that’s your bargain take it or leave it.

  3. This calls for a montage video — start with this, then segue to as many clips of him bashing his opponents as you can find, then wrap up with the O’Rly owl.

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