Hey, Day Two of Apocalypse #Shutdown is almost done!

How bad has it been for everybody?

…Well, everybody who isn’t within a ten mile radius of the Washington Monument.

…Well, OK, most of those people don’t give a [expletive deleted], either.

Now, this is not me saying Hurr, hurr, federal employees aren’t getting paid, that’s great.  My family was hit by the sequester, and it wasn’t exactly pleasant.  People need to eat, even government employees* – and, seriously, if you can’t show empathy about that then please don’t embarrass me by publicly displaying your lack of empathy here, either. And eventually we’re going to have to turn the lights back on.

But, really: we got a lot of bloat in the government.  Most of the country is being affected by all of this a lot less than people inside the Beltway might be assuming.

Moe Lane

*Most of whom are regular working slobs, you know.

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  1. My mom did point out that if I had managed to get that job in San Antonio, I’d be furloughed right now plus dealing with a rent and mortgage at the same time. As it stands, I just have to deal with my job offer being in limbo until this is over.

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