9 thoughts on ““James Bond Theme.””

  1. I gave you a bunch of apocalyptic theme music (which you complained that you didn’t know too much about) and you went with the Bond theme?

    1. What? Castle was trying to work out what to do about a certain British secret agent.

      Yeah, that means that I’m about to watch Season 2, Episode 6, which is supposed to be important for some reason.

      1. “Didn’t you wear that, like, five years ago?”
        Bahaha! Maybe it wasn’t important, but it’s still one of my favorite episodes. 🙂

          1. I figured… so..ya done yet? Was it not an awesome episode? (Really, I’m not a fanboy, I can stop anytime I want! Hehehe)

          2. In one episode, we reference Firefly AND Buffy. Also (it had to be pointed out to me, but still) the engine catalyst from the Firefly “Out of Gas” episode, is on his bookshelf. Yep… may be time for a Firefly marathon…

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