RIP, Tom Clancy.

Like everybody else I started up with him after I saw The Hunt for Red October, which is of course an awesome movie.  I was just startled to discover that the books were good, too.  I always thought that they should have done Red Storm Rising as a miniseries; but at this point it’d be alternate history.

Rest in peace.  My condolences to his family and loved ones.

Moe Lane

PS: Yes, the books got rather large after a while.  Many authors have that problem, once they get to the point where they can tell an editor ‘No.’  But let us not speak of that.


7 thoughts on “RIP, Tom Clancy.”

  1. He was an author I read in formative years. Stayed up till 2AM often when getting to the end of them. Just buzzed through many of his first books again the past couple years.

    God rest his soul.

    1. I am holding out hope that this is part of an elaborate plan to get Clancy inserted into Russia for a delicate black op involving missing Ukranian nukes and Lapp separatists.

  2. Really liked the early stuff. Kinda got away from him after Jack Ryan became president and they started slapping his name on books written by others.

  3. I found these books when I picked up Red Storm Rising as a remaindered hardback at Barnes and Noble in High School, so that would probably have been 1987 or so. Read all the new ones religiously until I stopped, about the same time everyone else did I think.

    The early books definitely have a fond place in my heart.

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