The Obama administration, summed up in two pictures.

First off, here’s this:

Apparently the White House never read far enough into the First Amendment to get to the bit where people are allowed to peacefully assemble. Which, when you think about it, makes the whole exercise moot; certainly I would point out to the cops that I had every right to be there (and, truth be told, the cops probably think that this whole thing is stupid, too). But the Obama administration is going to secure that area, by gum!

Yeah, about that.

So, basically, basic ignorance about the Constitution AND a round of slapdash, futile gesturing. That’s our President.

4 thoughts on “The Obama administration, summed up in two pictures.”

  1. I bet it cost $10,000 to erect the barrier and laminate the sign. $50,000 if you include the cost of elevator button pushers used to get to and from the laminating machine.

  2. I’m serious — I think someone in NPS is going straight Ron-Swanson-literal on these folks. It has to be that. No one can really be this dumb.
    Can they?

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