…Ayup. Ayup, I’ve seen these critters in other sites’ comments sections.

I’d like to tut-tut this Buzzfeed article (“The 12 Types Of People You Find In News Website Comments“), but…

7. Jazz bigots.

Kay Traits: Not constrained by the normal boundaries of bigotry, they improvise and riff on classic hatreds to create crazy new freeform be-bop slurs so unique that you can only think “wow, I had no idea that could even be a prejudice.”
Typical Quotes: There are no typical Jazz Bigot quotes.

…as a site moderator for RedState* I was laughing too hard. Yeah, yeah, I know, I’m just encouraging Buzzfeed.

Moe Lane



*My commenters here, of course, are all perfectly lovely people who make an effort to behave with each other** and play nice.

**And buy me things.

6 thoughts on “…Ayup. Ayup, I’ve seen these critters in other sites’ comments sections.”

  1. Methinks that is a Gay (NTTIAWWT) dumb Buzzfeed article. How is this polical news? Is “Ayup” even a word, you Irish Bod (not racist either)?
    But of course you will never allow this comment to stay up, because you want people to donate and want to make money off it’s popularity. What has become of us Maryland people?
    (Note: JUST JOKING! Tried to crame most, if not all types into comment.)

  2. If I buy you a REALLY NICE thing, can I be less of a perfectly lovely person without getting into trouble?

    Seriously. We could be talking bat’leth or equivalent here…

      1. You can’t blame a guy for trying, qix. Unfortunately for me, Moe has more fortitude than some presidents I could name. 🙂

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