Colorado women display their clothing budget under #Obamacare.

They appoarently won’t even be able to buy pants.


If you’re wondering why I put this picture up – rest assured, there’s no prurient interest involved at all – it’s because I wanted to note that stuff like this doesn’t actually work.  I know that PETA does it all the time (indeed, the article notes that); I also know that PETA never actually accomplishes anything.  If Obamacare was a great deal, they wouldn’t need girls stripped down to their knickers to sell the product.

Exit question: I know that the woman there doesn’t have any pants.  But does she actually have healthcare from this gig? …What’s that? Temp worker, probably?  Well, that means the answer is probably “no.”



Moe Lane

6 thoughts on “Colorado women display their clothing budget under #Obamacare.”

  1. Sadly, the weather is about to turn here in Colorado, so I think this gig is about to go away. And I didn’t get time to get up Denver. Somewhere there is a sad panda.

  2. Well, you know, sex sells or something
    (snickers convulsively)
    Okay, normally, I would be indignant over this because it’s the Dems exploiting women to a status lower than pond scum. After all, I am a woman, and it is embarrassing to the hilt to see members of my own sex act with so little of dignity and self-respect.
    But of late, I’ve been in this mood of “if the woman wants to get labeled brainless bimbo, then that’s their choice” frame of mind.
    So I’ll just point and laugh this time. Bwahahahaha!

  3. Finally an aspect of Obamacare I can support!

    Incidentally, my brother had a bit part in an Obamacare TV commercial. I think his lines consisted of “ow!”. I gave him a really hard time for sullying the family name and shaming his ancestors.

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