Hey, it’s Skyrim: the Movie! (No, not really.)

This Vikingdom flick looks really, really bad.

…not to mention uncomfortably like some of my past gameplay, if I had somehow managed to play a game that combined the feel of Skyrim (yay!) with the combat animations of Dragon Age 2 (…yay?).  The martial arts Vikings were a nice touch: I personally like to ninja it out in my games whenever possible – and sometimes when it’s, strictly speaking, not.


  • BigGator5 says:

    *taps speakers* I can’t hear anything from that embeded video. Like, no sound.
    Anyone getting the same thing?

  • midwestconservative says:

    It looks like they spent all of their money choreography and had to take up donations for props and costumes, and just hire some nerdy kid for the CGI.
    Seriously that THor Hammer looked so bad, and his hair?!?! It’s like Ronald McDonald’s wig.
    I’m shocked it’s not direct to video. Heck I’ve seen internet fan films look better then this.

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