The Speaker’s office is keeping score of #HarryReidsShutdown.

Every funding bill that the House has passed and that the Senate has refused to even consider – which is to say all of them, except for the one funding the military.  Basically, Harry Reid thinks that he can let a few kids with cancer die and still not worry about losing his Senate Majority Leader gig… but even his current caucus might balk at playing games with the troops at that level of sadistic indifference.

It will, unfortunately, undoubtedly have to be updated.



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One thought on “The Speaker’s office is keeping score of #HarryReidsShutdown.”

  1. That’s actually an excellent visual account of the bills of that have been passed by the House, when, and by what margins. It will be interesting to see what the Senate does with the bill that passed this morning (for federal employees back-pay). It passed unanimously in the House. Maybe this will be the one that breaks the stalemate?

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