Jack Lew gets called on @BarackObama’s #shutdown nonsense.

Well, this must have been somewhat uncomfortable.  Chris Wallace smacking around Treasury Secretary Jack Lew on his party’s shutdown of the government:

“Despite these stakes, the president is refusing to negotiate,” Wallace said. He noted that previous votes to raise the debt ceiling have included campaign finance reform, school prayer, and a nuclear freeze. “What’s unprecedented is not Congress tying strings; what’s unprecedented is a president refusing to negotiate.”

“Frankly, I think your history is wrong,” Lew said. “If you look at the cases where the debt limit was involved, there were many other things attached to the debt limit, but the question of threatening to cause a default of the United States, not until 2011 did it become a positive agenda—”

“With all due respect, your history is wrong,” Wallace responded.

You know, I know that a lot of Republicans are upset at the way that the media is treating them.  But when it comes down to it: the Democrats are probably even more upset at the way that the media is treating them.  The Democrats were clearly expecting to have no challenges to their narrative whatsoever… and it’s becoming increasingly clear that they won’t know what to do when that narrative fails.

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9 thoughts on “Jack Lew gets called on @BarackObama’s #shutdown nonsense.”

  1. Liked the post-apocalyptic mood of the media today they can tell they are no longer in control of the narrative, so it’s the end of the world. At least for them it is.

  2. Wait, am I missing something? Isn’t this a “if a tree falls in the forest” thing? I mean, we are talking about Fox News, which, like it or not, is different from the “news media”. Is ABC/NBC/CBS/CNN still protecting their progressive religion?

  3. No the Big Thing today was pushing post-apocalyptic fantasy disguised as attacks on the right for destroying the world. Like I said earlier they aren’t reporting the closing of the World War II memorial and the barriers being over run or the Iwo Jima Memorial and the same thing happening there but people are hearing about it and they aren’t blaming Republicans the are blaming O’bama. The fact that the NPS isn’t willing to go under the bus for President Petulant hasn’t helped they tell everyone who asks where the orders are coming from.

    1. Heh. The internet is a disruptive technology .. and it’s going to do to the news business – via the business side – the same thing it did to travel agents and bookstores.
      The talking heads don’t see it .. they literally have no clue what’s coming. I guess, for them, being out of control of the narrative really is the end of the world…

  4. Yep Loved the Twitter pic of the guy pitching cones out of the way at the Black Hills park. The news is getting out who do you think that guy blames for the cones Republicans or O’bama. End of the MSM world as we knew it. And every day this goes on it adds another nail to the Big Government coffin which is the truly terrifying thing for the left. No wonder they’re in a post-apocalyptic mood they are utterly unable to survive without big daddy government to take care of them.

  5. That may not be be MSM mendacity Qixqatl they may really be that dumb. Read MODO’s little screed about Washington after the fall Blackberries piled up as a flood control barrier? unlikely she betrays her utter ignorance. Blackberries don’t have enough mass to stop water they do have precious metal in them Gold, Silver, Copper and Platinum they would be smashed the metal salvaged and melted down for raw coinage. No doubt she was trying to demonstrate something else other than being a completely boneheaded fool. I found it funny and ironic that the last person in Washington in her story apparently is former Democrat.

    1. Gell-Mann Amnesia Effect is reinforced by competent reportage, but…
      (cat is guessing that) Gell-Mann can reach a toggle-point, given sufficient incompetence, where a paper is literally “not worth reading because it’s wrong about everything”.
      Same applies to radio and TV news.

  6. Lew looked and sounded like the Obama Zombie over the weekend. Anything but the truth hurls out of his mouth. It was good to see Wallace challenge his ugly lies.

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