This is the Coolest Thing, for a given value of “Coolest Thing.” @shaenongarrity

Specifically, the Coolest Thing that is at the intersection of Kolchak – The Night StalkerThe X-Files; and Shaenon Garrity’s incredibly fun Monster of the Week webcomic (last link explains the tag line).


I am not saying that you have to be as enthusiastic as I am about Scully dressed as Kolchak; but if you plan to read this site very often then you probably should accept the fact that, yes, this is what I am all about.

Moe Lane

PS: The borders represent Shaenon absolutely pwning my ass in a game of geekstuff, by the way. I blush to admit that I have not seen every single show (in my defense, life was different before DVDs and Netflix).

PPS: I look forward to presenting this to my usual framer at Hobby Lobby tomorrow.  She has a dang good poker face, but this one should… test that a little.

2 thoughts on “This is the Coolest Thing, for a given value of “Coolest Thing.” @shaenongarrity”

  1. Moe do not test the supernatural! You might not like what you find out! I remember the White Woman of Winter. A woman in a white shift no coat, no shoes, no gloves, it was cold. Learning that you would let someone freeze to death rather than risking all to save them from themselves, does not make one feel good about themselves. In my defense I can only say she had black, hollow eyes, not pupils not irises, just black. Where a normal humans eyes should be. Not one of the more pleasant periods of my life. Sometimes duty to family can save you from destruction.

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