Dems tentatively annoint Mary Burke as sacrificial victim in ’14 Wisconsin governor’s race.

This is who they got?  Really?

Mary Burke, former Governor Jim Doyle’s economic development architect…

(interrupting) Wisconsin lost 133,000 jobs during Doyle’s last term. Even the left-leaning Politifact couldn’t get around that minor detail, though goodness knows that they tried.  And even the left-leaning Politifact can’t deny that Wisconsin has gained 62,000 jobs under Scott Walker’s first two years, although goodness knows that they tried there, too.

The rest of Burke’s resume, such as it is, is largely a celebration of the woman’s skill at picking the right parents; trust fund kiddie out slumming in an approved quasi-landed-gentry-liberal-elitist fashion.  But she’s got money to burn, which is what the Democratic party of Wisconsin is looking for in a candidate right now… well, that’s what the grown-up members of the Wisconsin Democratic party are looking for, right now.  Progressive Wisconsin Democrats apparently want to have another go with putting their genitals in the sausage maker, instead.

I have to say: watching the other side have to put up candidates whose only real qualification is an ability to write infinite checks is very cheering.

Moe Lane

PS: I do not think that Scott Walker will have any trouble funding his 2014 campaign.  Especially if Walker sends out pictures of him on what Ben Domenech calls the Throne of Skulls.

12 thoughts on “Dems tentatively annoint Mary Burke as sacrificial victim in ’14 Wisconsin governor’s race.”

    1. Yep, it’s nice to see the Dems putting up these human sacrifices on their hometurf. We’ve dished out several of our own for too long.
      Who the heck does the Left want to run? Barret again? Third time’s the charm? Honestly they should just get over the fact that Walker can hold this seat for as long as he wants.

  1. So Moe, why so silent on the VA gov election? Ken winning in November will drive the left bonkers almost as much as Walker winning the recall.

      1. I’ve been reading the Bearing Drift, dang, that site is downright depressing. It’s supposed to be “conservative” but if BD is representative of VA conservatives then Cooch is lost. I’ve never read as many pessimistic stories on any right-wing website as I have in the last two weeks at BD.

        1. At a *guess*, the problem is nobody’s quite sure just how big the greater-Alexandria-metro-area has gotten…
          Has it finally grown big enough to dictate to the rest of the Old Dominion?

          1. My beloved Commonwealth is over run by government workers and large crony capitalists who ironically moved to conservative VA over liberal MD or DC for the better schools and lower taxes and better real-estate laws and then proceeded to vote for liberals. Critical thinking is really a skill we need to teach in school.

  2. Has anyone noticed that a large number of the Dem’s sacrificial lambs are women? Mary Burke, Barbara Buono, Wendy Davis, Alison Grimes. It’s almost as if the males consider their own careers too important to sacrifice.

    1. This is nothing new, Dems have been trying to duplicate the “Year of the Woman” since 1992, especially since the year of the “Angry White Man” of 1994.
      I will note that nearly all of the annoying Democrat Women that daily demean their office ( Murray, Landrieu, Mikulski, Boxer, Feinstein) were elected in the early 90s most of them in 92.
      They are also trying to duplicate Heitkamps success in hopes that the GOP will put up another Akin somewhere. Heitkamp was considered a “sacrificial lamb” until she won. Both Tennant,Grimes, and Michelle Nunn are attempting to replicate it, with Grimes actually being a serious contender ( Tennant and Nunn are still tossups)

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