#DOOM in the New Jersey Governor’s race.

I don’t like calling DOOM before I’m absolutely, positively sure, but: the New Jersey governor’s race is over.

Yeah, I know that you knew that already, but Barbara Buono’s response should start making Democratic state legislators up for re-election nervous. That’s the response of somebody who thinks (accurately) that she was hung out to dry by her own party establishment and who has decided that she doesn’t care whether people expect her to take one for the team anyway.  Which means that it’s the response of somebody who doesn’t care if her own party wins the downticket races on Election Night.

Fine by me.  The more seats we gain in the state legislature, the more future candidates we can cultivate. Buono wants to help us with that out of spite, well, that’s not my problem.

3 thoughts on “#DOOM in the New Jersey Governor’s race.”

  1. So NOW that Chris Christie is assured victory by a massive landslide, will he give all that campaign cash he’s got lying around to Ken Cuccinelli? or perhaps Steve Lonegan? If not he’s still a douchebag

  2. If a Republican was surrounded with that kind of eye candy during an interview, I imagine we’d hear about it from the PC Gestapo at ABC/CBS/NBC/CNN/NyTimes/WaPo.

  3. Reporter: Would you like to double down on your stupid answer that will definitely cost you votes?

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