Left, Right, Center, Wingnut, Moonbat, Teh Crazy: take comfort in this…

…at least you’re not in charge of the New York Comic Con.

Fans, celebrities and press attending New York Comic Con on Thursday sent out laudatory tweets expressing excitement to be at the annual convention — or at least it looked like they did, as the tweets were published entirely without their permission or knowledge.

The tweets were tied to attendees’ NYCC badges. This year, conference organizers Reedpop allowed people to pre-register their badges online. The badges have radio-frequency identification (RFID) chips that are tied to a user’s identity in order to curb counterfeits. (RFID chips use radio frequencies to transfer information between the chip and a receiver.)

Attendees were then invited to connect their social-media accounts to their badge, although it wasn’t explicitly stated that NYCC could post to Facebook or Twitter on their behalf.

As people checked in to the convention on Thursday, many published tweets looked authentic (and were written in conversational language), but were not written by attendees.

Somebody’s getting fired for that.  Hell, somebody might get arrested for that; it’d depend on the judge, I think.  Oh, I’m sure that there were disclaimers and everything, but the ‘written in conversational language’ part might be enough to trigger an indictment.  Mind you: I’m not a lawyer, so I very well could be wrong.

But whether it’s illegal or not, this was certainly… ah, contraindicated.  I do so love that word; there’s something solemn about it.  As opposed to the reaction this morning from the comic book community, their collective response will undoubtedly reach 110 decibels by noon.


2 thoughts on “Left, Right, Center, Wingnut, Moonbat, Teh Crazy: take comfort in this…”

    1. Well .. yeah .. (also sips coffee)
      Moe makes the point in the title, I think .. the same minds that can’t imagine a problem with Motor Voter or the Patriot Act or Hillarycare or Romneycare or the Department of Education come up with stuff like, well, like this.
      p.s. pity the guy who took a sick day to go to ComicCon and whose boss watches his Twitter feed, eh?

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