The Moe Lane Zen And The Art Of Partisan Hackery Flow Chart.

Given the somewhat contentious discussions that we have been having in the conservative movement over the last few weeks, I felt that this might help. Besides, hey: flow charts. I’ve been meaning to get a program that would let me do flow charts*.

Anyway, I hope this assists.


Moe Lane

*It’s who I am, and I have given myself permission to be all right with that.

8 thoughts on “The Moe Lane Zen And The Art Of Partisan Hackery Flow Chart.”

    1. Yeah. Something called Diagram Designer. Then my wife took it away from me and made it work properly, because she does flow charts all the time and I don’t and it showed it oh so totally showed.

      1. So step one, Diagram Designer.
        *writes this down*
        Then step two is Moe’s wife.
        *also writes this down, then picks up paper with visible frown*
        I foresee that I will have problems.

      2. Moe, You need to tweet this repeatedly to Peter King. He desperately needs to read this. So do a bunch of other Republicans

  1. Sorry, not willing to make a truce with McCain, Graham, and that ilk.
    Better an honest enemy than a “friend” who is certain to betray you.

    1. Who said anything about a truce? I just want you to take your frustrations out on Democratic legislators. It’s great fun, really. 🙂

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