Reports: Harry Reid being cut out of #shutdown negotiations.

I said it a week ago:


…and perhaps somebody’s paying attention:

Staff-level talks between House Republicans and President Obama over a government funding bill are entering into day two after no decisions were made last night, according to two sources.

But one of the most interesting shifts is in who’s not involved: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

Via Hot Air. By the way: this is what it looks like when Washington, DC actually starts paying attention to a problem. Everything up to this point was pretty much foreplay… if you’ll pardon a metaphor that becomes steadily more disturbing, perverse, and horrifying, the more I think about it.

Moe Lane

7 thoughts on “Reports: Harry Reid being cut out of #shutdown negotiations.”

        1. New phone plan:
          1) Turn off autocorrect
          2) Import contacts
          And .. yeah. The Senate was, is, and shall likely remain useless other than in its’ constitutionally correct role of acting as a delay on the House, and as a good place to promote utterly useless drones into.

  1. Ah the old knife between the ribs trick always the best way to let someone know they missed their chance to go while the going was good. If O’bama ends up cutting a deal with the Republicans in the house I think things are going to get unpleasant for Harry.

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