I’d do a Columbus Day song, except that all the ones that I know are remarkably filthy. So… Van Halen?


Jump, Van Halen

Danged if I know why, either.

4 thoughts on ““Jump.””

  1. My alma mater’s college basketball team warmed up to this song, so I always associate it with the pep band assembling its instruments and getting ready to go.

  2. 1984 was one of the first albums I bought. It and Survivor: Vital Signs were soundtracks to my youth.

  3. >Danged if I know why, either.

    Cuz one can never get too much DLR?

    Watching VH all these years later is kinda like when you melt Velveeta in the microwave, stir in some hot salsa and pour it over a plate of tortilla chips…cheesy, hot and oddly satisfying.

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