White House kitchen garden, like all unfunded agitprop exercises, now going to seed.

I couldn’t have come up with a better metaphor for this administration if I tried.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – In the famous White House kitchen garden, tomatoes are rotting on the vine. Herbs have gone to seed. And the sweet potatoes – a favorite of President Barack Obama – have become worm food.

It’s another impact of the government shutdown, one that only the fox and the many squirrels that live on the White House grounds could love.

A foodie blog called Obamafoodarama that obsessively covers the White House “food ephemera” and the administration’s food policy has posted photos of the normally immaculate garden looking more like what most gardeners’ plots appear at this time of the year – overgrown.

“Due to the shutdown, garden maintenance has been reduced considerably and only being watered as needed,” a White House official confirmed, speaking on background.

Because God forbid that Michelle Obama get a bunch of her friends out there and take care of the dang garden themselves, and on their own time. I mean, who the heck would have the nerve to tell her no?

Moe Lane

PS: I like food gardens on general principle, so I do not advocate that the next family to live at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue* rip it up and replace it with a horseshoe pitch, or something. But that’s probably going to happen.

*I also like the fact that the personal residence of the most powerful individual in the world has a duly-assigned address instead of some grandiose special one. It appeals to my egalitarianism.

4 thoughts on “White House kitchen garden, like all unfunded agitprop exercises, now going to seed.”

  1. I can sympathize. My garden has sucked 2 years in a row. I feel like when the zombie-apocalypse finally comes, I am totally screwed.

  2. Gardens are overgrown this time of year, really? Mine has pretty much been picked clean. Got about a bucket full of potatoes from a 4′ by 4′ garden, don’t know how many strawberries from another. Along with a lot of cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers and jalapenos. Not to mention various herbs. My wife learned she Loves lemon-thyme on fish, it’s not bad on lamb either. Unfortunately earwigs got the corn. But have had a lot of fruit from the fruit trees as in multiple buckets full and there’s still apples left. All the trees except the apple got trimmed back this year. Along with the wild rasberry plot. Oh and we got the asparagus started. I’ve been a busy little boy.

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