Alice Palmer? Yeah, I remember her. I remember the Palmer Raids, too.

I wonder whether we’re going to see the latter at any point: I can’t imagine that President Obama is all that pleased at all those Lefties being stroppy about the NSA.

…Wow.  I wrote that last night, at about 1 AM.  I get really, really cynical when I get too tired…

Moe Lane

PS: Alice Palmer was one of the first Democrats that Barack Obama ever betrayed; the Palmer Raids were a bunch of largely unsuccessful government raids against Commies by Woodrow Wilson’s half-fascist Progressive government.  Well, more accurately, Edith Wilson’s half-fascist Progressive government; as I understand it Woodrow Wilson himself was largely brain-dead during that period.  And if you’re wondering why the First Lady was running the government instead of, say, Vice President Thomas Marshall, it’s because of shut up, you sedition-peddling agent provocateur.

PPS: Look, it’s not my fault that the Democratic party has a history of this sort of thing, all right?

6 thoughts on “Alice Palmer? Yeah, I remember her. I remember the Palmer Raids, too.”

  1. The Democrat Party, the party of slavery, the succession, the Confederacy, The KKK, and Jim Crow. Not your fault Moe. Oh and just for any lurking trolls the KKK won! Blacks now vote Democrat without even Knowing why. They were the most successful terrorist organization in history. It’s sad because it’s true.

    1. I’d quibble with your final conclusion.
      I too find it suspicious that the Democrats got out of the terrorism business, at least for that issue, when they got that demographic in line, and the terrorism in question no longer had a solid ROI.
      However, your conclusion seems to assume that we are talking about a coherent ethnic political faction.
      For one of those to work, the group has to be cohesive enough for the leaders to have some little loyalty to the rest. Since an ethnic faction is built around blood, this means blood ties, and a culture capable of trusting and being loyal to blood.
      One, American culture, relatively speaking, cares less about blood. Two, it seems like the leadership would be well placed to ensure that every relative they care about ends up in the leadership cohort. If said cohort’s main idea of successful politics comes from segregationist white supremacist politicians, then that might explain why their policies are so similar. a) It keeps conditions close to what got them into power in the first place. b) They don’t really care.
      So it may be not looking beneath the beneath, and mistaking Jim Crow for successful ethnic faction politics in America, rather than knuckling under to force.

  2. It is wrong to call that Administration ‘half-fascist’. The Italian Fascist Party was in many ways a clear knock off of the American Progressive movement of the time. This means that it is more correct to say proto-fascist Progressive government.
    As for what European party I think might be fairly said to be a cheap knock off of the American Democratic Party…
    You do bear some fault. You were a member of the Democratic Party, and hence implicitly endorsed this, the whitewashing of its history, and supported its continued existence without it making significant corrections or reparations. Yes, it would have continued to exist without you, and you, apparently, don’t have any blood on your hands, but you were not entirely uninvolved.

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