Oregon families see their rates skyrocket over useless #Obamacare add-ons.

Hey, here’s a funny thing: when you tell somebody that they have to provide a service, and then they tell you that they’d have to charge people money for that service, and you tell them that you don’t care about THAT, guess what happens?

“Policy holders are seeing almost double their monthly premiums,” said a KATU viewer named Larry in an email. He said his wife’s premium will increase by $300 under the Affordable Care Act.

Cover Oregon spokesman Michael Cox says most insurance plans that focus on lower premiums and higher deductibles will be replaced by plans with lower deductibles and higher benefits.

[snip about anxious agitprop of “new era” and “things are changing*”]

The Affordable Care Act mandates that the plans include ten essential benefits, from care for pregnant mothers to substance abuse treatment.

The issue, according to Regence spokesman Jared Ishkanian, is you’ll have to pay for those benefits even if you don’t use them all.

Via @BrianFaughnan.  This is not a failure of the system, of course.  This is the system. This is partially how the Obama administration got the insurance companies to actually agree to this monstrosity in the first place: make people buy stuff that they didn’t need.  Of course, the Obama administration also inexplicably assumed that they could create a website that could work, which should give you some idea about the level of cognitive development that you should associate with the people running – oh, I slay me! – Obamacare…

Moe Lane

*Do you know what was a new era?  The time right after the Fall of Rome.  Do you know where things change a lot? Inside a rotting deer corpse.

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    1. So did Florida. So there. Though I suppose you guys get some slack since you did elect a Republican to the Senate to help get rid of it. Which whatever else may be said against Rubio he’s been solid on Obamacare.

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