This ad about Terry McAuliffe absolutely has to get back up on the air.

I don’t care what people have to spend: do it.

Ed Morrissey is similarly in awe of the sheer bare-knuckles TRUTH of it all, and notes that reportedly it moves the needle:

Jim [Geraghty] published an e-mail from Matt Mackowiak of PSG in his Morning Jolt today:

We ran a focus group, conducted by nationally-respected McLaughlin and Associates, to test the effectiveness of our “Don’t Let Them Detroit Virginia” ad, which you exclusively reported a few weeks back.

Here’s the ad, which has now been viewed over 20,000 times on YouTube alone.

Here’s a short summary of ballot movement after viewing:

GOP voters: +8
Dem voters: +4
Independents: +2
Women: +4 (McAuliffe loses 4)
Men: +5
Over 40: +6
Overall ballot: +5

So if you’re a representative for a group looking to throw down some serious cash on just-in-time Virginia advertising, well, this certainly will get the Left to freak. Because, again: it’s all true.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: Ken Cuccinelli for governor of Virginia.

3 thoughts on “This ad about Terry McAuliffe absolutely has to get back up on the air.”

  1. Mind you, the media will claim that the ad is racist because it uses the word Detroit. But it’s still a good ad.

  2. Just contributed. But… why, oh, why do those that want contributions NOT use PayPal?

    make it EASY to contribute. Think about it. Somewhere between reading the article/call to action and getting fired up… and then I have to go get my purse, fish out the billfold, find the card, read the tiny numbers on the card (find glasses)….. How much easier to just hit Paypal.

    I should be a political advisor.

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