This ad about Terry McAuliffe absolutely has to get back up on the air.

I don’t care what people have to spend: do it.

Ed Morrissey is similarly in awe of the sheer bare-knuckles TRUTH of it all, and notes that reportedly it moves the needle:

Jim [Geraghty] published an e-mail from Matt Mackowiak of PSG in his Morning Jolt today:

We ran a focus group, conducted by nationally-respected McLaughlin and Associates, to test the effectiveness of our “Don’t Let Them Detroit Virginia” ad, which you exclusively reported a few weeks back.

Here’s the ad, which has now been viewed over 20,000 times on YouTube alone.

Here’s a short summary of ballot movement after viewing:

GOP voters: +8
Dem voters: +4
Independents: +2
Women: +4 (McAuliffe loses 4)
Men: +5
Over 40: +6
Overall ballot: +5

So if you’re a representative for a group looking to throw down some serious cash on just-in-time Virginia advertising, well, this certainly will get the Left to freak. Because, again: it’s all true.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: Ken Cuccinelli for governor of Virginia.


  • Cameron says:

    Mind you, the media will claim that the ad is racist because it uses the word Detroit. But it’s still a good ad.

  • Lady Penguin says:

    Good ad. Doing what we can here in Virginia.

  • AndaO says:

    Just contributed. But… why, oh, why do those that want contributions NOT use PayPal?

    make it EASY to contribute. Think about it. Somewhere between reading the article/call to action and getting fired up… and then I have to go get my purse, fish out the billfold, find the card, read the tiny numbers on the card (find glasses)….. How much easier to just hit Paypal.

    I should be a political advisor.

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