Shocker: Texas approves of PitA Senator elected on promise to be a PitA.

God, but I love the New York Times and its stubborn regional parochialism.

Senator Ted Cruz, Republican of Texas and the face of the angry right, has been criticized, lambasted and lampooned for putting the nation through a 16-day government shutdown and the prospect of a financial default.

[snip of regional industry news source and local politician complaining about Cruz]

In Texas, it is a different story.

Drivers speeding down a busy highway about 70 miles outside Houston have been greeted with two blunt messages that Bruce Labay put up at his oil field services business. One declared that Mr. Labay was tired of softhearted Republicans, though he used a more colorful adjective. The other read, “We Need More Republicans Like Ted Cruz.”

No kidding. Ted Cruz was not exactly shy about the fact that he was going to Washington DC to be as much of a infuriatingly unreasonable (for a given definition of ‘unreasonable’) so-and-so; and he’s certainly delivered since then, too.  Not to burst anybody’s bubble, here, but the old methodology for governance is growing ever-more-unpopular outside of a few specific locations, only one of which is inside Texas.  And even they gave Ted Cruz over 36% of the vote in 2012.

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