4 thoughts on “New “Arkham Origins” trailer.”

      1. Weird. Seems like Amazon would want the money.
        Mine is pre-ordered. This is literally the first time I have ever done that. But after the stories of the first two Arkham games, and their stellar gameplay, I would buy the next one even if the reported plotline were “Batman travels to New York and eats shawarma with Michael Bloomberg and Snooki.” And I’d pay $60 for it, because they’d find a way to make it cool.

  1. I don’t know.
    Asylum was nothing short of awesome.
    City was probably a better game, but between the massive amounts of nearly impossible filler challenges, and the stinker of a plot, they really put a damper on my interest. Not to mention my irritation about how they did the DLC.
    My inclination is to wait for either the price to drop, or for the GotY edition.

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