“Graceland,” Graceland, Paul Simon


…Heh.  He still sounds happier in this song than in his S&G stuff, and this is a song about dealing with a breakup.


  • lineholder says:

    When it comes to music….I have NO idea what’s going on for me this fall, but I’ve gone nuts over two separate X Factor contestants.
    Here’s the first….

    Here’s the second…
    I’d love to hear the second group pick up some of the old Southern Rock from the ’70s (like Pure Prairie League, America, etc.)

  • Freddie Sykes says:

    Remember the crap Paul Simon got from the self-righteous blacks attending university for exploiting African musicians by paying them above scale and introducing their music to a wider audience? No wonder he sounds happy: he was exploiting the masses while exercising his imperialistic white skin privilege!

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