Henry Waxman preparing the war party against Marianne Williamson in CA-33.

I’d say That poor woman, except that I’m pretty sure that she’d… you know, I’m going to be nice about it and say That poor woman.  Anyway: meet a woman about to get a rude awakening.

Marianne Williamson, the best-selling author whose “A Return to Love” spent 39 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list in 1992, announced Sunday that she is running as an independent for the US House of Representatives in California’s 33rd District, a seat currently held by 74-year old Democrat Henry Waxman, one of the most powerful members of Congress.


Williamson writes on her campaign website that Waxman has been a good representative for 38 years and that she does not consider him an opponent. Rather, she sees them both as simply different candidates for the same position. In seeking to encourage “a new consciousness regarding our political discourse,” Williamson hopes to stem the trend toward corporatism that has been so prevalent in recent decades.

Waxman, on the other hand, will likely see Williamson as an opponent to be ruthlessly crushed with the full power of the Kremulakian Earth Invasion Fleet.  He’s certainly going to take any challenger deadly seriously now.  You see, thanks to California’s jungle primary system she’d have a decent shot, particularly if Republicans* in the district decide to vote for her in the general out of sheer, wonderful, unadulterated spite.

I mean, I would, just to see the look on Henry Waxman’s face.  And I’m the kind of guy who will write in a candidate’s name, if the alternative is not vote a straight Republican ticket.

Moe Lane

*54/46 in 2012. That’s insanely bad by Waxman’s usual standards.

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  1. Is Waxman’s district Dem because of the overwhelming presence of Dem voters or because of the large number of Liberals ( not all liberals vote Dem)?
    If the former she stands no chance, if the Latter she might stand a chance.

    1. The district belonging to Waxman (bat-faced, dirt-eating, scientifically illiterate parlor pink as he is) is on the affluent West Side of LA, which runs pretty leftist.

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