…This Hot Pockets ad is all about the marijuana, isn’t it?

I just couldn’t stop watching it.  As God is my witness, I could not turn my eyes away.


8 thoughts on “…This Hot Pockets ad is all about the marijuana, isn’t it?”

  1. Granted I watched it with no sound, but I can honestly say I’ve never had any marijuana or any frozen food that was anything like that.

  2. ROFL. Men. It’s Kate Upton, licking her fingers in a skimpy outfit. Of course you couldn’t turn your eyes away.

    BTW,just to clear things up, whose marijuana are we talking about? The targeted market for this ad? The ad developers? Or yours, Moe?

    Side note: any indication this is being released in CO? Then it would definitely make sense.

    1. I eat them fairly regularly, and I gave up the marijuana years ago. They’re….. not God-awful when you’re in a hurry for something vaguely resembling breakfast.
      I’m a bad person, aren’t I?

  3. See, the thing that leaves me all conflicted is the mental image of Kate Upton singing with Biz Markie’s voice.

    And Kate’s opening dialog in that video: “He’s just a friend!”

    Well played, Biz. Well Played.

  4. I feel so very bad that I am only eating Lean Pockets. deep sigh. And I never watch tv (except for UGA football & the Kentucky Derby) so I really appreciate Moe widening my horizons.

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