Tweet of the Day, This Is What Being Pro-#Obamacare Means, Bro edition.

This is what they are. This is what they’re reduced to.

Several points:

  1. I despise the Online Left utterly, and my heart still feels some pity for the people who have to justify this campaign.
  2. A half keg of beer costs about the same amount of money as the minimum Obamacare tax (for certain that those college kids aren’t making significantly more than 20K/year).  Their likely insurance will be, at best, about $1.2K (after whatever subsidies, sure).  That’s, like, eleven kegs that they snatched back from the jaws of the Man, brah*.
  3. Aren’t these kids supposed to be on their parents’ insurance anyway?  God knows that the Obama administration kept hammering that point.

Lastly: I never thought that I would see the day when the forces of liberalism would come out and announce to the world that, yea indeed, keg stands are a dumb idea and you should stop doing that.  And they say social conservatives can’t move the needle.

Moe Lane

*I freely admit it: I am not up on the latest slang.  I was spending the time needed to learn it not figuring out ways to mess up one-sixth of the economy.  This is apparently a surprisingly hard trick, considering that the administration hasn’t been able to learn it yet…

One thought on “Tweet of the Day, This Is What Being Pro-#Obamacare Means, Bro edition.”

  1. Oh man, this is what I needed to convice me to sign-up with this ObamaCare!
    *goes off to this website he’s heard so much about and is never heard from again*

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