CBS: Obama administration is lowballing reported minimum #obamacare costs.

Well, the administration is kind of f*cked now.

CBS News has uncovered a serious pricing problem with It stems from the Obama administration’s efforts to improve its health care website. A new online feature can dramatically underestimate the cost of insurance.


Industry analysts, such as Jonathan Wu, point to how the website lumps people only into two broad categories: “49 or under” and “50 or older.”

Wu said it’s “incredibly misleading for people that are trying to get a sense of what they’re paying.”

Prices for everyone in the 49-or-under group are based on what a 27-year-old would pay. In the 50-or-older group, prices are based on what a 50-year-old would pay.

Pardon for the vulgarity, but that ploy by the Obama administration, in point of fact, what we call a ‘lie.’  @gabrielmalor‘s word for it is ‘fraud,’ which may not be legally true – but it’s certainly accurate.  This is not something that can really be excused, or explained away: there are at least four legitimate broad age categories involved here (Young Adult, Middle Aged With A Family, Planning to Retire, and Retirees).  Each category has a distinct insurance profile, and lumping them together so that family and retiree insurance costs can be disguised is impossible to justify except as a deliberate attempt to mislead.

Time to admit it: the administration is in over its head. They won’t admit it, but they really should.

Moe Lane

2 thoughts on “CBS: Obama administration is lowballing reported minimum #obamacare costs.”

  1. Wow! Everybody under 50 is 27 while everybody over 49 is 50. I can’t think of two more representative ages for accurately pricing something whose cost is a function of age.

    They are too dishonest and / or slack just to ask for your birth date, sip code and estimated income and return one quote without subsidizes and one with an estimated subsidize.

    Why can’t the government be as ambitious as Nigerian spammers?

    Obamacare launch spawns 700+ cyber-squatters capitalizing on, state exchanges

    … It can be used by private businesses looking to siphon traffic away from their competitors, by marketers selling ads to private companies — by visiting a website, you’re revealing your interest in a given product — or by IDENTiTY THIEVES…

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