Quote of the Day, @BarackObama Didn’t Know! …Wait, WHAT? Edition. #nsa #wiretap


Obama Reportedly Unaware of World Leader Phone Tapping

…Because I knew that the NSA was tapping foreign leaders’ phones. Because, you know, that’s what the NSA does.


So, was that a lie, or is the President really that intellectually incurious? I’m quite keen to hear the answer.

Moe Lane

2 thoughts on “Quote of the Day, @BarackObama Didn’t Know! …Wait, WHAT? Edition. #nsa #wiretap”

  1. I seem to recall, Moe, a number of left-leaners insinuating that Reagan was hired to play the part of President while someone else ran things …
    It seems the Dems have managed to make that a reality.
    Obama is “not aware” of far too much. He wasn’t willing to make the “gutsy call” without prompting, he isn’t aware of what’s in Obamacare, he wasn’t aware we’re tapping phone lines?
    What concerns me about this is .. once the GOP manages to re-take nominal control of government (which is inevitable given our system) how much time will have to be spent purging the executive branch of those who decide that *they’re* in charge?

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