So, I played The Stanley Parable.

I understand why the two halves of Penny Arcade apparently are almost at war at each over it; it’s… different. To give an idea, my gameplay involved [SPOILER WARNING]…

…going through two different runthroughs, then getting up and quitting the game at the urgent behest of a narrator. And not because I was upset; because I agreed with said narrator that this was the only way to ‘win’ the game. And I didn’t feel like I wasted my money on the exercise.


If I had to say what The Stanley Parable is I think I would say that it is a well-designed piece of intellectual property that has only a tangential relationship to a traditional game; and that it probably would not be able to exist without Steam. So put that in the plus column for Steam.

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    1. Assuming the new version is more or less the same as the mod, TSP is a an experiment with having the player and game narrative fight against each other. The game tells you what to do, you are free to rebel but the game fights back, sometimes in petty ways. There were many outcomes some happy, some sad, all hilarious.

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