“Dogs Playing Magic” Kickstarter.

I was torn on this one.

You see, as most of you remember I participated in the “Dogs Playing D&D” KS; which made getting this print problematical. It’s getting harder to find blank wall space, frankly: and, lets face it, this style is a little kitschy. On the other hand, I wanted to highlight it, because it’s kitschy AND cool. And on the gripping hand… I don’t like recommending Kickstarters that I’m not contributing to.

So I shelled out five bucks for a digital print. There. Problem solved.

2 thoughts on ““Dogs Playing Magic” Kickstarter.”

  1. I had the same dilemma with Obduction’s KS…I don’t really need another kitschy, artsy-fartsy tee-shirt but I want to play the danged game badly enough that I kicked in more bucks.

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