Tweet of the Day, The #GOP MUST Tell Their Stories Every. Single. Day. edition.

All of the GOP. Every committee. Every politician. Every group. Put faces to the pain that Barack Obama is imposing on the public.

Don’t get me wrong: this post by Speaker Boehner’s office is also good information to have. But I want more. I want to start hearing a little regional dialect in our politicians’ voices whenever they start talking about this monstrosity of a health care coverage disaster. I know they’re as angry as I am; I encourage them to start showing a bit of it.

2 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, The #GOP MUST Tell Their Stories Every. Single. Day. edition.”

  1. While I agree with what you are saying, I honestly doubt that it would make any difference. Think on it: The people who dare to step up and complain about this are going to get raked across the coals by the media. Within two hours of even one name going public, we’ll know why their lost insurance is their fault, that Republicans are meany heads who want to take away your free health care and that one person’s story isn’t proof enough.
    The only thing that would make a difference is that they actually showed the anger you’re talking about in the last sentence. But Congresscritters are too scared to act “uncivilized” over this.

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