“A Promise He Could Not Keep.” [video fixed.]

[Video fixed: I don’t know why the code wasn’t loading earlier, sorry.]

The House GOP has produced… the video that all of you wanted them to produce about Obamacare.

One that simply shows all the people who are being hurt by Barack Obama’s (and by extension, the Democratic party’s leadership’s) lies about how ‘if you like your plan, you can keep your plan.’ Well, that was not true.

The House GOP is collecting more of this at YourStory. If you have been hurt by Obamacare, and you want your story heard, go there. Because we need to run one of these every single dang day until Obamacare is gone, and for that we need to hear from the people who Barack Obama sneeringly deemed not worth the bother of trying to bribe.

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6 thoughts on ““A Promise He Could Not Keep.” [video fixed.]”

  1. I keep waiting for some professional journalist or talking head to slip and say “If your parents had loved you as much as mine did, they would have sent you to private school to get the education necessary so that you would understand how Obama’s statements and the subsequent reality actually agree. I am sorry your public school never got around to teaching Cognitive Dissidence 101. Acknowledge your ignorance and let us speak for you.”

  2. Since the first time I heard the President speak those lies, I’ve been having to deal with serious matters with my blood pressure.
    My son was forced onto the Medicaid roles due to my husband losing his job (thanks to O’care) and the first action was to tell us he couldn’t keep his doctor. Then, recently, we had to pick a new plan for him since his didn’t quite fit in with the new ACA regulations. Then, when my husband’s new insurance kicked in (we had to read through a million pages to find one that fit the ACA), we couldn’t remove the 17-year-old from the Medicaid roles, and that forced us to deal with the DMV-style clinic in our town. Four hour wait time for simple immunizations in a waiting room filled with pleather furniture which causes him to break out in hives (chemicals used to soften the material irritate him) which they couldn’t treat because that would take another visit of four hours… Then, when we were finally seen, they balked at our insistence on privacy and not answering useless questions given we weren’t in need of their services past the natural fall-off date (Nov. 1).
    Frustrating doesn’t even begin to cover what we’ve dealt with in regards to 4O4-care!

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