Remember: the average person is not a stone-cold politics junkie. #obamacare

Sorry to make this all Obamacare, all the time lately: but Megan McArdle’s point here is really, really important.

We forget that when millions of people hear the president say that “if you like your insurance, you can keep it” and “premiums will fall by $2,500 for the average family,” they don’t listen with a wry smile. They don’t write it off as understandable hyperbole from a president who is working to pass a great law with a few flaws. They don’t think this speech means “I care about getting the best insurance for as many people as possible.” They think it means “if you like your insurance, you can keep it” and “premiums will fall by $2,500 for the average family.” If they didn’t think it meant that, they might not have supported the law.

That gap matters — not least because there’s a strong risk that when the people outside Expertopia finally figure out what everyone knew all along, they will turn on the people who allowed all that tacit knowledge to stay tacit. That’s what Democrats are now experiencing. It’s kind of surprising, in fact, that not everyone knew this was going to happen.

…not least because it may be applicable to your lives outside of the Internet. You may be in a better position than you think to gently persuade some folks on the other side of this debate to reassess their policy stances.

Gently. Let the Democratic partisans bully and swagger, like fools.  You have a more powerful weapon: you were, after all, right.

7 thoughts on “Remember: the average person is not a stone-cold politics junkie. #obamacare”

  1. So, sometime next year the victims of insurance lapses will start to appear. Are we allowed then to say ” Obama lied, people died”?

      1. Their is rhetoric and Saul Alinsky rules which include mocking your opponents and forcing them to live up to their own standards.

  2. No we should say:
    1>No Republican voted for this legislation because we knew it would be a disaster for you and your family.
    2>Elections have consequences.
    3>Vote your interests.

  3. Renewal time starts a month before the 2014 elections. We have to remind people of the arrogance of the Democrat spokes people who blame the cancelled policyholders for being too dumb to know what is in their own best interest. One congressman goes around, rudely outshouting his opponents, claiming that insurance companies have stopped selling “sham” policies because no one would buy them while there are millions who want to do just that or Carville smirkingly announcing the inane truism that a “bike is not a car” as if that settles the issue.

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