Eric Holder goes to judicial war over school choice using documents that he… can’t find now.

I am going to break a rule and simply reproduce this entire post from the Louisiana Governor’s office.  If Bobby Jindal has a problem with that – and I don’t think that the Governor will – I am sure that he will tell me so fairly quickly.  It really cannot be excerpted; the idiocy of the federal government here is too stunning to do anything except appreciate in all of its, ah, glory.

Prepare to marvel at the l33t legal skills of Eric Holder’s Justice Department:

Gov. Jindal: In New Court Filing, Pres. Obama’s DOJ Admits Incompetence

BATON ROUGE – President Obama’s Department of Justice filed a new court motion yesterday, in which the department admits it is not able to immediately produce the documents at the center of the federal government’s lawsuit against Louisiana’s school choice program.

The Department of Justice filed a motion asking the Court to extend the time needed to respond to the state’s discovery requests. The state asked for a number of items in their discovery request, including the desegregation orders, which are the basis for the Obama Administration’s lawsuit.

In the department’s request for delay, it argues that these documents are not necessary for an upcoming hearing scheduled for November 22 and that the documents are not readily available.

In the motion, the Department of Justice writes, “[S]ome of the Discovery Requests seek documents that may be available only in federal archives and may require significant time to retrieve; the United States will then need to review and evaluate those documents, determine what to produce, and prepare any related objections.”

However, the documents requested by the state are the focal point of the Department of Justice’s lawsuit. In fact, in the original motion to file the lawsuit, the Department of Justice argues that allowing families to participate in the Scholarship Program “will result in increased segregation of Louisiana’s public schools and districts and frustrate federal court orders and the ability of parties to comply with those orders.”  As it turns out though, the Department of Justice admits in its latest motion that the department has apparently not even looked at the desegregation orders.

Governor Jindal, “The Obama Administration’s lawsuit against Louisiana’s scholarship program is a case study on incompetence. The administration’s latest gaffe is an admission that it sued the state based on documents the Department of Justice is not able to readily produce. To reiterate, the Department of Justice does not even have the very documents that are allegedly the foundation of its lawsuit. This is the latest example of incompetence from the Obama Administration.

“Should we go to Washington, D.C. to have a search party for these documents? Has the Department of Justice misplaced these documents? Were these documents lost in the Obamacare website? Or did the Department of Justice just ignore the documents and file a lawsuit against the state without having all of the information available? Thousands of Louisiana parents and their children deserve answers to these questions.”

Click Here To Read The Department of Justice’s Motion

…Yeah. Get used to the Obamacare website being used as a yardstick for mockery and incompetence for a while.


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    1. Or perhaps they wouldn’t hold up to constitutional scrutiny anymore…. but not a lawyer.

  1. Unfortunately for Governor Jindal, I happen to know exactly where those documents are. They are in a massive government warehouse at a secure location, near the bottom of the wooden crate stored three vertically and one to the left from the crate holding the Ark of the Covenant.

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