How desperate, the charts to excuse #Obamacare. How desperate, and elaborate, and futile.

So I see this:

…and after I finished rolling my eyes at the Atlantic’s earnest, yet utterly useless suggested chart for fighting the forces of logic and math over Obamacare*, I felt almost obligated to demonstrate how to actually agitate. First rule: KISS.


And that’s how it goes down. Somebody you’ve never met thinks that he’s better at handling your household affairs than you are. Well, that’s the Democratic party leadership for you.

And, yes, it’s a rebuttal.  Truth always rebuts a lie.

Moe Lane

*The entire thing breaks down on step three. You see, if you are insured through your employer your problems start next year, when the employer mandate goes into effect and the bad things that are happening to the folks with individual insurance will happen to people with employer insurance. Maybe 93 million people. and, oh yeah: we knew this would happen in 2010.

7 thoughts on “How desperate, the charts to excuse #Obamacare. How desperate, and elaborate, and futile.”

  1. Will the bad things happen next year well before November? Because bad things happened last year before November, and the media is just now getting around to reporting on them.

    1. Well, the bad news will be arriving directly in peoples’ mailboxes, which is a bit harder for the media to cover up.

      1. Yes, renewal season starts before the elections and people will have the facts and figures in their hands to help them made their decisions.

        Also, this years deficit was artificially lowered by the fact that refused to recognize borrowing for a few months. They borrowed a third of a trillion in a single day, most of which should have assigned to the prior fiscal year. This year’s deficit looked good but next year’s deficit, which will be released before the election, will appear awful in comparison because it will be a 14 month deficit.

        That Obama, always thinking half a move ahead!

  2. His bottom line was that, hey, it only affects 2% of Americans (citation not available), but they are lucky and just don’t know it, plus it helps lots of people probably (citation not available).

    It reminds me of a friend who is madly in love. Even though you saw her having sex with the lifeguard in the parking lot, and told him about it, it doesn’t make any difference. My Sally – she’s the one for me!

  3. If you think about it, the promise that you could keep your plan could only apply to private individuals and some union that negotiated benefit plans. The people who get their insurance from their employers only have a choice among the plans offered by their employers and the employers was always free to change his offering.

    It was individuals who bought their own insurance in the private market who got to select their plans from those offered in their state. It was only to them that the promise mattered. The very ones who acted so as not to be “free riders” are the ones Obama lied to.

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