Scammers LOVE #obamacare.

And why would they not?  Barack Obama have given unto them a stone cold money-maker.

NOT everyone is miffed that the Obamacare website is all but un-navigable. Scammers in Tennessee, posing as government workers, are calling frustrated would-be users of—any number in the telephone book has a good chance of finding one—and offering to walk them through the tortuous process of buying health insurance for $100 upfront. Some also ask the befuddled for their Social Security number.

Interestingly, the title of the article from where that quote is taken is “Whoops: Barack Obama’s supporters are worried that he is a terrible manager.” Which, as pretty much everybody reacting to this particular story notes, is not exactly news.  Well, not news to us.  His own supporters – and, more importantly, the majority of Americans – have up to now been not quite as aware of Barack Obama’s basic competence problem.

Moe Lane

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